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A place where we give a new perspective to domestic and international fairs by providing quality and efficient exhibition services. We are the all-rounder’ of the market providing best services from stand designing to stand building and providing audio-visual support with a reasonable budget. We aim to give your booth a distinctive look so you can stand out from the crowd, through our packages designed specially to fulfill your need so your business can boom not just locally but internationally as well. ...

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First impressions is all what matters.

We provide turnkey exhibiting services, starting from designing to building a complete stall fully equipped with just the right essentials in order to stand out from the rest. Creating a memorable stand experience is what we do. Our dedicated team makes sure your stand, branding and signage are completely distinctive.


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Percept Media

Whether you’re looking for low cost solution, or something more customized and a few essentials to add to your booth, our team will put things into action for you. We are offering a one-stop solution for you to sit back and depend on our experienced and energetic team, making sure you gain maximum visibility and absolute brand value. We deliver exactly what you require, under strict deadlines, which shows our commitment towards our work.

  • Vinyl in a box
  • Custom stall design
  • 3-D stall presentation
  • Branding and promotion
  • Production facility




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B-16, Block-A, S.M.C.H. Society, Sharea Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan.

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